Oouii is an exclusive community that helps local designers and artists gain more public awareness and recognition in building their personal brands. At the same time, we are bridging the path for everyone to access their creativity.

Many of us have similar passion in expressing our love for the Singapore culture via our products. Oouii embraces that passion and makes sure they are not left isolated, but to be felt by others with the same philosophy.

We offer our resources to share their workloads, which would allow them to dedicate their time on designing more products to represent Singapore – for them to be inspired, and to aspire the younger generation to be involved in innovative projects and to stand proud of themselves. We believe in and encourage collaborations. There is no project is too trivial or too massive.

This platform will allow us to showcase us, the Singapore artists, to the world. More importantly, we are always open to having new designers and artists to join us in this pursue of Singapore culture – passionate, innovative and change embracing!